Thursday, September 18, 2008

35W Bridge

The new 35W bridge in Minneapolis opened this morning, just a little over 1 year from the time the old bridge collapsed last August. This is big news at our house because we live just minutes from the bridge. I didn't expect to find myself teary-eyed over it, but I couldn't help getting a little bleary-eyed as I opened the link in our local newspaper this morning. As many of you know, my neighbor's daughters were on the bus that was on the bridge when it collapsed last year. All of the children were ok, but many other people were not. It has been an emotional year for our community.

Today is a day to celebrate, though. It's interesting that the newspaper used the words "Made Whole" in the headlines because it's actually an all new bridge, but it feels like they're speaking of the piece of healing that can now take place in all of us with a new bridge in place.


  1. Yes, what a day! Such a mix of feelings with this.
    I heard someone say on the radio, "now we can put this piece of MN History behind us." I didn't really like that. I don't think this type of thing should ever be completely behind us. Especially because it's never behind those who lost people they love.
    BUT, the finishing of the bridge does signify redemption and that feels good.

  2. That bridge really did belong to all of us. And it sure shook all of us when it fell down. Rebuilding it and driving on it again is one way to heal... I like that headline, too: Made Whole. Although I don't know that anyone can ever be truly made whole again after such a disaster. But I do believe you can heal and move on and be happy.

  3. I'll be sure to take 35W when I come home for Thanksgiving.


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