Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hearing with Spiritual Ears

Just got back from Women's Bible Study at Park Avenue. What a timely message. Just the other day Vespera was asking how we know when God is speaking to us, and here I am talking about it with the women at church. Not only that, though, the message was about gray areas, which my life seems full of right now - questions about my career, about Vespera, about what to say to some hurting friends, about which questions to ask and when to stay silent.

Oh God, send your Holy Spirit with spiritual words with which my spirit can resonate. Help me to allow myself to be moved, like the chess pieces. It is so amazing to know to be compelled by the Spirit and to hear the Inaudible Voice, to be touched by the Unseen Hand. It is so clear when I need it, and yet I always wish for more. Help me to have faith, to need nothing more, to hear the Voice when it speaks. And, I beg of you, guide me in the gray things.

I will not argue. I will follow.

"When the Unseen Hand leads you in its grasp, you follow. Or turn back and live in eternal regret. Of course there is no certainty in following either. That is what makes faith. Follow or turn back. There is no middle way." ~ Merlin in Merlin by Stephen R. Lawhead

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  1. Hey sunshine, I am much olbiged to offer a loaded question that leads to the musings likened to the ones you sent me on motherhood, they were beautiful and very encouraging. Jesse also enjoyed them very much. PS my mom WOULD be that person, she is just so on top of things! Much love to all in your home,


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