Saturday, June 12, 2010


This post is part of the Creativity Boot Camp, Day 3

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I've always said that healing is a spiral upwards. You keep climbing up, but the issues do come back around again. I wasn't the first person to say that. Those are just words I clung to when I was most looking for some thoughts on healing in my own life. I don't know who said them first. I've been repeating them ever since.

You cannot expect healing to be all done after your first go-round of the spiral. The first go-round is just the first layer...typically the one where you finally admit that you have a wound than needs healing and you're ready to finally face it. After that, there are many, many more layers stacked up in the a slinky.

Hope is when you realize that the spiral is always going up. Each time you hit the same place on the loop, you're up another layer. You can't jump over that place on the loop because then the slinky and all its layers would fall apart. But, if you push through, you'll get to the other side...and be a little more healed because of it.

I'm not sure if the layers ever end, or if the slinky goes on for eternity...or, at least, until we die and meet Jesus and have our wounds healed by the Great Healer. In the meantime, each go-round of the spiral is its own new fresh layer...and also somewhat like the last go-round, like the seasons that are different every year but also somewhat the same. Each layer stacks up on the other, colorful slides of life, both the same and different each time. If you looked down through them you'd see who you once were and who you have become, all stacked one over the other...

...layer upon layer of the healing spiral carrying you ever upward.


  1. i have never heard of healing described this way and it seems so appropriate to me, and has set my mind off running about all sorts of things at the moment. but mostly, how i seem to expect that making it through the first layer is enough. that making it through the first layer is not a finishing point, but more of a starting point.

  2. Yeah, it's a starting point, but also believe that making it through the first layer *is* enough...for now. In the same way that the first layer won't be the last, you also cannot possibly go through all the layers at the same time. You'd be crushed by the weight of it. Just get through this layer...and know you'll be through that one...and that is enough for now.


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