Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've been having quite a time trying to come up with a new screen name for Novio. As many of you know, I do not use real names on the web, and "Novio" is simply Spanish for "boyfriend." It seems that he's been promoted, and I've been contemplating for a week now what to call him.

I went to my trusty list of Latin words, since Mane & Vespera are both Latin. (Mane = early morning, and Vespera = evening prayer.) And I kept gravitating toward words that sounded similar to Novio. In the end, I decided on Niteo...

Niteo :
to shine, glitter, be bright, glow, flourish

I had a hard time with this one since Niteo isn't such a glitter-y guy. But you ought to see the way his eyes shine when he smiles, the way his whole face brightens when Vespera walks into the room... And flourish is really a beautiful word. According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, to flourish is:

to grow luxuriantly,
to thrive,
to achieve success,
to prosper

I just have to repeat that first one: to grow luxuriantly. I cannot imagine a better way to describe the kind of growth we have already seen in Niteo and in the relationship Niteo & Vespera have together.

Luxuriant. Deep. Intense. Beautiful. Extravagant. Abundant.

They have grown and thrived together, and we anticipate a life of success and in love, joy, adventure, hope, and peace.


  1. Oh, I like that name. I didn't realize that "MANE" was a Spanish name. I was just thinking she'd gotten it because she likes horses :) How is the beginning of your co-living experiment? (They're back from the honeymoon, right?)

  2. Mane is Latin... Her name in real life is BOTH Latin & Spanish! They *are* back from their honeymoon, though they did spend two extra days downtown because they were having so much fun! Today we're having New Year's Eve with Niteo's parents, Mango's parents, and Mango's brother & SIL.


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