Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary...or not...

Mango & I are approaching our 11th anniversary. We decided to celebrate while Vespera was off at camp. The plan was for Mane to stay with my mother Wednesday & Thursday nights last week. Mango & I would have the house to ourselves, we'd go walking downtown, we'd visit all the non-kid-friendly restaurants that don't have gluten-free menus (Mane needs to eat gluten-free), we'd stay up late and sleep in late...

So, we dropped Mane off at my mother's house, one hour away from our house. We got her settled in, chatted with my mom a bit, and climbed back into our car. The car wouldn't start. We sat there in stunned silence for a minute. Tried again. No go.

My mom made a pot of coffee and called the local mechanic. He guessed that the fuel pump went out. We called AAA. We upgraded our membership for $17 in order to get the car towed all the way back to Minneapolis without paying a huge towing fee. Then we waited for the towtruck...which didn't take all that long. Only about an hour. We rode with the driver back to the Saturn dealership in Golden Valley, admired his GPS and all the digital readouts in his fancy new truck, talked about marriage and kids, schools and unions...

Mango's dad picked us up from the dealership, and his parents took us out for dinner at A La Salsa at the Global Market. Yep, we started out spending our anniversary with Mango's parents. They're great, and they made us laugh after our crazy afternoon. Then we walked home on the Greenway, much to the chagrin of Mango's mother.

Thursday was beautiful. We picked up our car. (The sensor that tells the fuel pump to turn on was broken.) And we went to Minnehaha Cafe, a little coffee shop in a renovated gas station on the Ford Parkway. We pulled out the anniversary book and decided to write a list of all that has happened this year to spare us both from having to write it separately. We laughed and sighed and felt exhausted when we were finished.

After a tromp down along the Mississippi River, we parked our car at the Franklin light rail station and headed downtown where we visited the Foshay tower, went to the museum & walked all around the observation deck. Then we went for an early dinner at The Local. We went in search of a French Press in Uptown and then took some coffee shop snacks down to Lake of the Isles until it started to rain.

At home we snuggled up on the couch to watch The Golden Compass. We were happy and satisfied, looking forward to one more whole day together on Friday before we went to pick up Mane. Then we'd come home to plan some nice things for Vespera's homecoming on Saturday.

Except... I started feeling sick. Half and hour into the movie, we turned it off, and I tried to sleep. My stomach was in terrible pain. And I was getting sick over and over, losing liquids fast. At four in the morning we went to the emergency room since the pain was intolerable, and I was afraid something was horribly wrong. Five hours later I walked out with a tentative diagnoses. If the medication they prescribed actually worked to make me feel better, then it meant that I have an ulcer.

I lived Friday in a fog of pain medication, anti-nausea medication, and a sleep deprived headache. But I was getting better. Saturday morning I took one last pain pill, and I haven't needed more since then. The ulcer medication is working.

I have an ulcer. Happy anniversary.

So, for the next three months I'll take medication, and avoid coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, peppers, probably chocolate (though I haven't tested it yet), and basically anything spicy or acidic. And I'm supposed to eat at least 5 small meals a day to keep my stomach protected.

So, there you have it.

Our actual anniversary is still coming. I think we'll spend a quiet night reading books or something. *sigh*


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