Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 7 - Random Thoughts

Mango has been gone at a conference for 7 days so far. It's over half finished now, and I can begin the countdown to his homecoming.

We haven't had a car since he left because the transmission went out, and we're getting a "new" used transmission. The first transmission they replaced the old one with at the dealership didn't work. So, now they're trying a second one. At this rate I might get my car back in time to pick Mango up from the airport.

I've discovered that Vespera is really getting to be a grown-up...with her own plans and schedule, and she doesn't need me much. She stops to say hello and give me an update on her plans about once a day, but, mostly she's doing her own thing. And I'm learning to understand the more grown-up version of her. I really, really love her. She's so curious about everything. I love it when she tells me the random things she's thought of and wondered about. I love it when she comes home late & sits on my bed and tells me about her night. I love it that we can live and work and play in the same house together and enjoy the presence of another woman...

This year, though, Mane is the one keeping me company while Mango is gone. She and I have been very, very busy with playdates and outings. Mane can be such a good companion that I get surprised when all of the sudden she's whining and tired and hungry...just generally acting like a 7yr old! We've been biking and playing games and entertaining company together. I'm beginning to really look forward to the next year of homeschooling.

I miss Mango...mostly at night when it's too late to call him any more, and I'm finally going to sleep. My very favorite thing ever about getting married is that we can sleep in the same bed together for the rest of our lives. It's one of the simple, yet profound, pleasures in sleep with someone you love and trust.

Only 6 more nights to go...

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