Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm tentatively stepping back into The Midnight Cafe, maybe ready to reenter the blog world after the immigration story.

...and I'm working on reentering life. After nearly two weeks of total exhaustion, I feel rested. I might be ready to take on the rest of life...you know, life after reentering the U.S., life after The Visa Process, the post-really-super-high-stress life. In this new life, different stresses have stepped to the fore but none so intense as immigration.

The reentry has been surreal. So surreal, in fact, that there are more feelings and pictures than words. What's happening here is so very hard to say. Maybe because we don't know what it is yet. Or who we are now. I predicted this would happen, and it still ambushed me.

Now, nobody start worrying. We are well. We're just unfamiliar to ourselves.

On Monday night the guitars came out again. There's something about having everyone in the living room and most of them strumming away on guitars that brings us back to our center, brings us into focus, allows us to "reenter" when life has us all befuddled. We are, after all, still just "us."

I think of the astronauts when the space shuttle reenters the earth's atmosphere and for 4 minutes they can neither send nor receive communication from earth. Or the moments under water right before breaking through the surface. Or the timeless minutes between the crowning of a baby and the birth of its whole body.

The time between here (Consulate of the United States of America):

and here:

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