Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm going to just say the cliches. I have to get them out of my system, ok? Spanish is the most beautiful language. Truly. It rolls off the tongue in a way that English almost never does. Now granted, you can say things very, very specifically in English. Spanish has fewer words, tends to be less specific. But, it makes up for this in beauty, in emotional expression. You have to put your heart into your words to get at the specifics. Maybe this is why I find Spanish music so powerful. You can tell the specifics, not by the actual words, but by the inflection. It's not a tonal language, yet if you use the whole range of emotional expression available to you, you can say much more than the words actually say. I suppose this could, perhaps, be said of English also. But, there's something different about Spanish. So much of it sounds sensual, juicy, full, brimming. English words do not suffice to describe Spanish.

I love it, and Mango love this, that Spanish has ONE word, meaning "with you." Contigo. Go ahead. Say it. (cohnteego) And "with me." Conmigo. (cohnmeego) My favorite Spanish words. You see, in Spanish one has to use the familiar form of the verb to say "with you" or "with me" as one word. If one is speaking formally, one must say, "Con Usted" or "Con Yo." But, informally, familiarly, it's one word. And such lovely words. I don't know why I feel this way. I just do.

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