Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big Days

Vespera's adoption was final one year ago last Saturday. She spent the day with her birth family and playing soccer. That has a certain poignancy all by itself. Life with her is often filled with the paradoxical.

It wasn't too painful, though, as it gave us the opportunity to reflect on her adoption and find a suitable gift to celebrate the one year anniversary of the day. She came home to us on Sunday and we ran off to a birthday party & housewarming. On the way we stopped at a coffee shop. (Yes, we've gotten her addicted to coffee shops, too.) She got a smoothie with whipped cream. Truly the way to this girl's heart is, at least partly, through her stomach. Her mama taught her to love good food, no substitutions. So, we all sat down, and I passed her the gift we'd found...a book of wonderful quotes. She (and her boyfriend) can spend hours reading quotes. She just loves these little gems. It's like short poetry. I have to admit to enjoying a good collection of quotes myself.

I sent her off to school on Tuesday brimming with excitement, carrying the posterboard she made about vectors for summer homework, two apples & granola bars for the time between school and her soccer game tonight, brand new backpack & notebooks & folders. Mango was anxious and tired, ready but not ready for the new year. Vespera sang to him the night before, "Lean on me when you're not strong. I'll be your friend..." It was cute, her helping him along for the first day of school. The relationship between them has taken several gigantic strides since a few weeks ago when we got some new info from Vespera about her birth family. It's amazing what honesty will do.

Our celebration Sunday was small. Sunday & Monday passed in the relaxed ease of time shared together and with friends. Tuesday saw Vespera & Mango off to school, and I just now have a moment to reflect. We tumble through these momentous days one after another. I sometimes feel it a desecration to not honor each moment in some big way, but this year small seems to suit us. We didn't have big adoption parties or back to school parties. The quiet of this year is a dramatic contrast with last year. Somehow this is right. We are nourished and satisfied by the sweet, small moments.

Now, tomorrow, Mane begins kindergarten. This is her moment this week, and I have a feeling it will be big...

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  1. i think your subtle celebrations sound perfect and heartwarming. love ya, lauren


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