Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thoughts on Parenting

I have a friend who describes her sister as a really great mom. I asked what she thought made her sister such a great mom & she said, "She doesn't get her identity from her children." She went on to describe how her sister doesn't see everything her kids do as a reflection of who she is as a person, and that keeps her from jumping all over them when they do something wrong or overreacting when they get a little crazy. She has her own inner peace (that's peace from God, people) & sense of identity, and that allows her to help her kids through their stuff without getting all tangled up in power struggles or punitive discipline. It's sort of like being able to look at things from the outside, where you can see the whole picture and find the real problem, rather than being so close to the issue that all you can do is react.

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