Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge Grand Finale!!

So, in order to prove that I can actually finish something, I will regale you with photos from the last several months, which fulfill the final 9 days of the 30 Day Photography Challenge!

Day 22 - Hands - Vespera and Niteo's Wedding

Day 23 - Sun Flare - Not a sun flare exactly, but a sunburst on the floor of Children's Hospital:

Day 24 - Animal - Ellie the Elephant, whom I made for Mane when she was a baby...

Day 25 - Something Pink - Don't you just want to eat them?!

Day 26 - Close Up - Warm, fuzzy legwarmers I made this fall...

Day 27 - From a Distance - Rocket launching in North Branch...

Day 28 - Flowers - Fairy House among the flowers in Red Wing, MN...

Day 29 - Black & White - Life is never black and white, and that wouldn't really be any fun anyway, now would it? (In other words, an excuse to include one of my favorite photos full of ORANGE!)

Day 30 - Self Portrait - Nope, I SWEAR I've done a gazillion self-portraits with this challenge already!

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