Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life Without Church - Part 1

I was contemplating church and faith today. So, you can go read my thoughts over at: If Life is a Highway... See you there!


  1. Great commentary! I like how you recognize the importance of community in living out your faith, especially because it reminded me how, as a teenager, I myself fought to belong to that kind of community. I wanted to go to church, to believe with other believers, and yes, I even wanted the "legalism" as you may put it, but really the structure you describe. I still feel strongly that I cannot design or define my life on my own, and that even beyond my personal prayer life God provides me guidance through human mediation, through His Church and its common worship, and that it makes sense for it to be so (since it lines up with our very desire to be in communion with one another). Since there seems to be a YouTube video for everything, I'll simply link to this one in case you want to know more about my Church. Peace!

  2. thanks for venturing in to this realm/topic, amy. i feel many of the same tensions that you do in regard to church (membership, attendance, etc.), parenting, and the longing for community. i've not found any answers myself, and so we, like you, haven't attended with regularity for several years.

    i am almost ready to try attending a UU church, just because i *WANT* ella (and myself and robert) to have a 'church community' and an intentional spirituality, and even though i come from the Christian tradition, i am more comfortable being in a body that recognizes that there is always room for error and misunderstanding in our narrow human theologies...i really do believe that the Divine resides within all of us (created in the image of God, via Genesis), and that God is in the redemptive business of saving all people, so maybe the UU *is* my place. i dunno...

    anyway, thanks for keeping me thinking on this topic...


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