Sunday, June 28, 2009


Once again, I feel that I'm emerging from miles under the sea. We here at The Midnight Cafe have been busy. Life has been full. And it seems like years have passed since I last had space in my mind to really think. As you can see from the photos, Vespera & Novio both graduated this month. Both graduated with high honors. And now they're preparing for college...for life beyond those thirteen years of required education.

In the week after Vespera's graduation we frantically made plans for her party. We planned a party with her birth family that combined the quinceanera that she never had with her graduation. She did much of the planning herself, as each person who contributed to the party had to contact her to make their plans. It was an amazing amount of work. We did a lot of clothes shopping, dance practice, and gluing little orange ribbons around the napkins in that week before the party. When it was all over Vespera declared, "That was SO much fun, and I am never, ever doing that again." Sounds exactly how someone ought to sound when it's all over. ;)

Three days after the party we left on a camping trip...Mango & I, Vespera, Mane & Novio. The trip was also some kind of crazy whirlwind: Rain at night,campfire food, a movie in Rochester, picnics in various parks, naps in the park, swimming in the Whitewater River, tubing down the Cannon River, shopping in Redwing, exploring Alexis Bailey Vineyard, and taking a LOT of pictures!

Three days after that we went to Vespera's college orientation. She spent the night at the college and made some friends (not surprisingly) already.

Tomorrow Vespera will be leaving for French Camp.


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  1. sounds like life is chock full of good things right now...blessings to your sweet, evolving family <3


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