Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 11

Today I feel strangely uplifted, as though I really can manage the time between now and when Mango gets home. I feel like this major separation is finally coming to an end.

...though now I'm wishing that the mouse would have found a different time to die inside the stove somewhere where I cannot reach it. I called my mom and discovered that you CAN actually lift up the top of the stove and have a look around under there. Unfortunately, though the smell is definitely coming from the top of the stove somewhere, not the bottom or inside the oven, I cannot SEE a mouse anywhere. I wouldn't say "unfortunate" except that this means I am left with the smell of dead mouse and no way to remove it.

So, I took a trip to Target for some heavy duty air freshener. Then I turned the stove up to 500 degrees in hopes of drying the nasty thing out. I *did* google search "mouse died in stove," but all anyone could really say was that the smell would go away eventually. Thanks.

And happy homecoming to Mango...don't mind that nasty smell in the kitchen. It'll go away soon.


  1. I wonder if you could call the gas company too... and ask then if they can come out, or if there are any suggestions..?

  2. Oh, that's terrible! But isn't it wonderful to have only one day between now and when you see Mango again?


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