Friday, November 30, 2007

A Christmas Carol, Timelines, and Continents

That's my week in a nutshell.

Mane & I did a marathon reading of A Christmas Carol. It took 3 days, and then we went to the performance of it at the Guthrie Theater on Thursday night. We placed Dickens on our LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG timeline today. The timeline stretches from the far wall in the kitchen to the opposite wall in the living room, from 0-2007AD. On Sunday we begin Advent and our Jesse Tree. I want to do a timeline with the Jesse Tree stories, but I don't know how long it's going to have to be! Ay-yi-yi.

Anyway, since we were talking about Dickens, we also found England on the map, placed a picture of Dickens on the page about England in Mane's binder about countries, and ended up talking about continents...which led to a discussion of the equator, latitude and longitude, temperature, directions, and the major oceans. I'm exhausted. Oh, and I almost forgot, we touched on the concept of Pangea, all of the continents being connected at one point in the earth's history...because Mane observed how they seemed to fit together.

Mane has also been reading her way steadily through the Bob Books, and is learning to make sense of numbers.

Our whole family (Me, Mango, Mane, Vespera, Novio, Mango's parents, and Mango's brother and sister-in-law) went to Festival of Christmas at Bethel University on Wednesday night, too. This is definitely going to become a Christmas tradition. We went last year. It's nice that it's so early in the season. It gets us looking ahead and anticipating Christmas, and it gets all of us together for something relaxed and beautiful.

Tonight is "date night," meaning Mango & I hang around chaperoning Vespera & Novio.

How time does fly.

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