Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More on Wheat & Gluten

It's some sort of crazy confirmation that taking Mane off wheat was the right thing to do when Vespera insists that we cannot put her back on wheat or gluten for more testing. Vespera has noticed the behavioral difference more than anything and really, really doesn't want us to put her back on gluten. ;)

So, I've got gluten-free bread baking in the oven right this second. I made quiche last night. We had biscuits over the weekend. Everything is a little experimental, but that's the story of my kitchen anyway. I need a two or three week cooking plan. Wouldn't that be hilarious. I don't think I've ever been quite that organized.

We are also waiting for a call from Mane's pediatrician to see if he'll refer us to Enterolab for testing: enterolab.com We're going to do the testing anyway...just wanted to see if we could get insurance to pay for part of it.

Since Mane's test was positive for wheat allergy we've met many, many other people who have trouble with wheat and/or gluten. It's all over the place. Another mom at motheringdotcommune said that so many people can clear up their digestive trouble by eliminating gluten, not because they're allergic, but because gluten is so hard to digest anyway. I thought that was interesting. She also pointed out that we don't need medical professionals to tell us what our bodies are already telling us. If your body feels better when you don't eat gluten, then you already have your answer. That's so true.

Many, many of the people I talk with wonder aloud how many other kid probably have allergy or nutritional issues, but the symptoms are so seldom associated with allergies that nobody figures it out. Mane had an accidental exposure to gluten after being off it for 5 days. Within 45 minutes she was practically crawling out of her skin. She could not sit still. Her attention span was reduced to zero. She had trouble listening and controlling her impulses. She had trouble falling asleep. It was outrageous. Perhaps the reaction was more dramatic because she hadn't had any gluten in five days. I really don't know. All I know is that she has always periodically behaved like that and now we may know why.

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