Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Peace - The second candle of Advent

I've been trying to put my finger on a definition for that simple little word. Peace. Something in me knows what it is. How do I explain it to my 4 year old? We light the candles each night. Our conversation goes like this:

Me: What is the first candle for?
Mane: Hope.
Me: What is hope?
Mane: Waiting for something.
Me: What are we waiting for?
Mane: Christmas!
Me: What's special about Christmas?
Mane: It's Jesus' birthday.

Me: Now, what is the second candle for?
Mane: Peace.
Me: What is peace?
Mane: Calm. I don't know.
Me: Yes, peace is calm on the inside. It is not fighting. It is feeling content inside.

Not to mention that she doesn't really know what "content" means. It's hard to figure out how to define peace.

I've been studying peace in Bible study, too. Isn't that interesting? Things coincide in such marvelous ways.

And today I think it came to me. Peace is trusting God. It is knowing that God sees us and knows our needs and cares for us. Peace is not being anxious or afraid. Because we know that God is with us. Jesus came to be peace...the Prince of Peace. To be "God With Us." Emmanuel. Knowing that God is with us brings peace.

Peace is knowing you don't have to worry. I don't like to define things by what they aren't. Somehow, though, there aren't any good synonyms for peace. Peace is the absence of fear. Peace is the absence of war.

I've felt around for other words. But "calm" isn't exactly it. I don't think you always have to be placid and calm to be peaceful. And "happy" isn't it. You can have peace and still feel sad. Jesus did. He wept. Yet he is the Prince of Peace.

It's a knowing. A contentment. Contentment is as close as I can come. Maybe it's security. Knowing you are secure in God, the one unchangeable, immovable being. The Unseen Hand. The Creator. The Alpha and Omega. Prince of Peace.

And may the God of peace bring you peace this day...this week...this month...this year...this lifetime. May you know the truth of peace...undefinable and completely free.

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  1. Always love reading your entries, it's a little piece of home. We love you guys!


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