Monday, July 24, 2006

New Meaning

Everything takes on this crazy sense of meaning since Vespera joined the family. I just gave her and Mane their vitamins. Silly girls. They were lying in bed together. Vespera was reading history homework. Mane was pretending to want to know all about it. I make sure they both get their vitamins. It's weird. I took Vespera to the chiropractor last week, which is totally normal for our family, but she's never been to a chiro before. Her Mexican birth family is all about herbs and natural healing. So, it isn't too much of a stretch for Vespera to learn about the things we "do" like chiropractic and organic foods, natural cleaners and recycling. She showed me last night how her mother pulls her hair in a certain way on her head & makes places on her head "pop" in order to get rid of headaches. I almost fainted when she did it to her head & I heard this loud pop.

And speaking of all the stuff she was telling me last night... She came in my room to say goodnight at about 9:30, and she talked and talked and talked at the edge of our bed until 11:30. Usually we laugh about how Mane can't stop talking. Last night Vespera was like some kind of teenager on the phone, except she was in my room talking to me. She was talking about the half-moons on our fingernails, whether men have hormonal changes when babies are born or not, and what she thinks about black and white magic. We talked (Vespera, Dh & I) about angels and demons and how not all supernatural powers are good...maybe not even those of supposedly "white witches." We talked about how we go directly to God when we have troubles and we pray over our home to be protected from anything evil. We talked about how evil spirits cannot inhabit the same body where God is present. What an unusual turn of conversation. She is hungry for knowledge of God. We have begun reading the Bible after dinner most nights, before anybody gets started on homework or anything. Vespera has even done some of the reading. We've talked a lot of theology in a very short time.

I think God sent her to us BOTH because she is hungry to know more about God AND because we needed something in our lives like her to get us into a faithful routine of paying attention to God as a family.

Last week she cried and cried Thursday night & told me she's not sure she'll ever get used to this. I told her that I think she will but it will be a little like when somebody dies. You become able to live without that person but you still miss them sometimes. You even cry and get really sad sometimes. It gets easier, though, not so heavy. She didn't want to go visit her birth family last weekend because it's hard to leave them again when she comes back here. I told her that she needed to go see them. They can give her so many things that we cannot, and she does not need to tough it out and refuse to see them just because she's trying to get used to being here. I told her that I don't really think that not going homw would make it any easier anyway. She would still miss them.

This morning I made eggs for breakfast. I broke open 6 eggs. Every single one of them had 2 yolks. I got chills every time I broke open another one. I wonder what it means... of course, I suppose it could mean nothing at all, but I find that highly unlikely.

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