Monday, July 06, 2009

Music Monday - You're My Little Girl

I looked this song up on youtube today. I don't actually have it in my itunes, but I will after today. Vespera is away at French Camp right now, probably canoeing in the Boundary Waters as I type this. We all miss her. It's a different place at home when she's not here. Novio was over last year, and, as I predicted, Sunday was a hard day for him. Somehow, knowing her trip is about half over...but there's still half of it left is a tough place to be. When I was in high school & college we always used to say that the halfway point of any trip is predictably the worst day. I found out last year when Mango was gone that this is also true for the people who love you and are waiting for you at home.

Last night, Mango & I both had some disturbing dreams about Vespera...reminding us to pray for her health, her safety & her emotional well-being while she's gone. As I've said before, it's both the easiest and the most difficult thing to release anything into the hands of God, the Unseen Hands. Vespera is the "little girl" of the Creator of the universe, as well as our little girl, and when our hands cannot be there, God's hands always are.

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