Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Monday - Cinderella

This was the song for the waltz at Vespera's graduation party...because she loves it. It's hard for me to hear it without thinking of Maria Chapman, though I know the song was written about watching our children grow up, not about them passing on to heaven. And I don't know that I totally agree with the idea that the clock strikes midnight & our children are gone when they leave home or get married or whatever. They don't leave our lives. Life never, ever stays the same. It's always changing and morphing into something else, but the love is still there, the connection, the attachment. I'm glad Mr. Chapman added to the song later about the dance going on because it's true. It's not just true after this life, though. It's true here and now. The dance changes, the music and the rhythm and the tempo all change. But the dance does, indeed, go on. There's a certain pain in knowing we won't always be our children's primary attachment person. But we don't ever walk away, turn our backs, or stop dancing.

I agree that we need to enjoy the time we have. We need to play and talk and listen and sing and laugh, camp, rollerblade, take pictures, stay up late, share music, and spend the time and the energy because there won't always be so much time. We must remember, though, that it's ok when they move on, when they develop other deep friendships, when they meet their soulmate because it isn't over for us then. It's new and different. But there's joy in the knowing that they have found themselves, their groove, their partner, and they are developing their own legacy. If we have done our job well as parents, they won't run away when the clock strikes midnight, though. We'll continue to dance, have tea, tell stories, write e-mails, have parties, share love, sorrow, joy...

So, take it in whatever way you wish. Here's the song...

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  1. Oh, what a sweet song! I love it, too.

    The way I take it is that daddy looks after his little girl until a new man comes into her life, and then it's her husband's job to do that... the clock has struck midnight...


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